Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of our frequently asked questions. We hope this helps!
How is Twirling Moments different?

At Twirling Moments we believe every celebration is special and having a story around makes the moments even more memorable, we believe in the art of storytelling & what better way then nurturing relationships through music & dance. 

Can Twirling Moments design entertainment?

Yes, we believe for an event to be successful its a combination of onstage and offstage coordination. It works best if there’s one team looking into entertainment for seamless coordination. 

Can you customize a package based on my requirement?

Yes, every couple’s requirement is different & we can customize a package based on your requirement once you select the basic package which is the bride’s pack you can discuss further customized requirements.

When should we begin wedding dance lessons?

We will send you an online calendar to schedule the dance sessions.

We suggest Bridal solo, Bride & Groom’s first dance, bridesmaids, groomsmen, family special, father-daughter, mother son, mother-in-law groom & we can create fun combinations to make it interesting.
How many sessions does it take to learn the first dance?

It usually takes 3 to 4 sessions for a 2-minute performance. But depends on your skills and how fast you can learn.

Is the music provided by TM?
We are happy to custom make the song mixes to reflect your story or you can choose to select the songs from our existing music bank.
What if we want to increase the number of performances?
Once you finalize the basic package from our services page you can add performances after discussion with Aneesha our creative director and we can accommodate a few extra performances for you and your family
Would you suggest songs?

Yes, in all offerings we include music based unless you already have the music edit ready. 

Where are dance lessons held?

We do our dance coaching virtually via zoom or google meet.


When are you available to do private lessons?

We know how busy things can get when you’re planning a wedding and we try to be as flexible as possible with scheduling your lessons.

What is the length of a lesson?

Private lessons are 45 to 60 minutes.  Although, depending on the complexity of the routine and the wedding date, we may recommend booking 2 hours in a row.  This is a great way to get a lot of choreography completed in one session and helps with last-minute scheduling stress.  This works well for many couples!

Who will be my instructor?

Our creative director is on top of all concepts & choreography. We have handpicked & trained our team, All our sessions and concepts are monitored by our creative director.