Love is a lot like dancing
– you just surrender to the music!

Our Recent Work

Shivani & Shyam | Twirling Moments | Jaipur

Sharing her passion for Dance as an art form, Shivani performed like Magic alongside her bridesmaids. One thing common between our bride and us was our common passion for Dance.

Aanchal & Yash | Twirling Moments | Thailand

This sassy bride set the vibe right with this fun entry. Her love spoke volumes in every dancing step she took.

Harshita & Tejas | Twirling Moments | Udaipur

Expression of love through dance by our graceful bride. Their dance reminded them of all the reasons they fell in love.

Samridhi & Pratik | Twirling Moments | Ranthambore

One look at him and her world fell in line. Their love is expressed in every twirl, every step, every breath.

Shivani & Shyam | Twirling Moments | Rajasthan

A similar act was performed by our bride & groom during university days so we recreated this moment on stage which was etched forever in their hearts.

Aanchal and Yash | Twirling Moments | Thailand

Their first dance is a reflection of a beautiful friendship filled with adventures and craziness for a lifetime

Harshita & Tejas | Twirling Moments | Udaipur

They met at Stanford, with books in their hands little did they know it would be the dawn of a whirlwind of friendship blossoming into romance and this moment was recreated through Dance on stage.

Keshav and Anjali | | Twirling Moments | Mumbai

Breaking into a power-packed face in the middle of the audience , this sassy couple set the vibe right

Aanchal & Yash | Twirling Moments | Thailand

Her father is her bestie and we at Twirling Moments were elated to present this beautiful relationship through Music and Dance

Juhi & Anand | Twirling Moments | Mumbai

She said “ if I know someone who will always stand by me no matter what, it would be my Dad” and we decided to create this beautiful performance keeping this relationship in mind

Shivani & Shyam | Twirling Moments | Jaipur

As a part of Shyam Shivani’s Love Story, there was a time when they took a break from each other and this is how the fathers reacted

Anjena & Vick | Twirling Moments | California

This super cool dance-off between the daughters and their mother was designed exclusively by Twirling Moments.

Aanchal & Yash | Twirling Moments | Thailand

When the friends of the bride are as crazy, we had to design a never seen before performance for them

Keshav & Anjali | Twirling Moments | Bayview, Mumbai

This performance was designed keeping in mind the 3 generations of the family coming together to celebrate this lovely couple

Samridhi & Pratik

Her first love will always be her father. On the most precious day of her life she dedicated her love and reiterated that father daughter bond is special forever. Samridhi’s father blessed her from heaven & was right there to celebrate her.