Saraf Goes Bananas -The Party Continues

Bride’s Twirl

If there is a bride with swag, it’s Niharika. We first met her at a wedding six years ago and then again a few years later, at her best friend’s wedding. So when it was finally time to meet and discuss her own Sangeet, we had already built a relationship strong enough to know exactly what she’d like from us at Twirling Moments.

While the pre-wedding bash was high on dance and drama, her Sangeet was an even more unforgettable event. She had always pictured herself performing a dreamy solo on ‘Deewani mastaani’. What she had in mind was high on conceptualization, with props like candles, drapes, mirrors, and it wasn’t going to be easy to pull off. The dance required extreme coordination and a whole lot of practice. But in the end, Tw

irling Moments was able to fulfil everything she had imagined and the dreamy sequence on the Sangeet Stage was truly her perfect bridal twirl. Beginning her act while still seated on a chair, NIharika twirled towards the mirrors offering the audience a stunning reflection of her moves, she then gracefully blew off the candles lit up on stage timed perfectly to match the beat. We used a set of red drapes to elegantly bring the act to an end.

Taking the stage with her groom, the vivacious couple together danced on ‘Kehdu tumhe ya chup rahoon’. They nailed it with a subtle sensuousness and their impishly playful countenance.

Niharika also matched steps with her gang of girls to the Friends title track ‘I’ll be there for you’, a song that describes their relationship perfectly–for her gal pals are an integral part of her life and have been the rock she can always lean on. She obliged demands for an encore with her performance of ‘Kajra re’, but of course, it was her dreamy, faultless performance on ‘Deewani mastaani’ that finally stole the show.



Groom’s Swag

Yash was not to be left far behind. He made a grand entry onto the stage on a classic bike with a sidecar on ‘Tenu leke main’. Niharika, who had no idea this was part of the plan, was surprised to say the least. He followed up his impressive entry by matching steps with his friends to ‘Tumse milke’. In the middle of the dance, streamers were thrown from above the stage into the audience. What a spectacle it was!

Loved Ones


While the Ajman event had a more relaxed, fun, chilled-out vibe, the Sangeet was largely an affair to remember because of the graceful and stylised performances on the part of the entire wedding party.

Yash’s chachi Madhuriji continued her magic on the Sangeet stage with a performance on ‘Jag Ghoomeya’ for Niharika–a dedication telling her that there is no one like her and that their relationship would be like that of friends or sisters. But before it got too sentimental, Madhusudhanji made his entrance from the audience, ending their act on a celebratory note with ‘Shava shava’ playing in the background. This loving couple was keen to convey their emotions through dance, letting Niharika and Yash know the importance of togetherness, inspiring them to stay strong, to stay together through all the ups and downs they are bound to face over the years. Above all, they wanted to remind them to have a fun ride through life making plenty of joyful memories on the way.

Niharika’s mother performed too, with her sons-in-law Yash and Kapal on ‘Desi girl’, while the father of the bride performed with his daughters on ‘Desi boys’. Niharika’s sister Priyanka and her husband Kapal’s mix of energy, charisma and their chemistry ensured a stage presence hard to beat. Kapal is an amazing performer and Priyanka has a personality to match. In spite of going through an injury during the time of the wedding preparations, she was unstoppable and determined to perform and burn the dance floor for her sister’s big day. While they wowed audiences in Ajman with their performance on ‘Tan tana tan’, a fun song that matched their personalities, at the Sangeet they danced to ‘Aa to sahi’ from Judwaa 2.

This wedding was truly a rollercoaster ride full of unending fun, a generous dose of drama and and sentimentality. It was heartening to see so many from such varied age groups get together with so much conviction and enthusiasm to make the experience an unforgettable one for the bride and groom. Their family became ours, and Twirling Moments will cherish this friendship forever.


Hashtag – #Sarafgoesbananas

Moments Created – Twirling Moments
Outfit of the Bride – Manish Malhotra
Make Up Artist – Bianca Louzado
Photography and Videography – The Wedding Nama
Wedding Planner – Var Vadhu




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