Redefining Friendship – Khushali Golechha and Yash Mandawewala

Bride’s Twirl

“True friends are like diamonds — bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.”

The #mandukhush Sangeet, an impressive three-hour long celebration of the friendship between the two families, the blossoming of love between the bride and groom and of their shared passion for dance, has been by far the most exciting project for Twirling Moments.

There may be but a handful of properties the world over as exclusive and as magical as the Ritz-Carlton, set amid the dramatic cliffs and pristine white beaches of southern Bali. And the fact that the resort played host to the Golechha-Mandawewala wedding certainly helped make it an affair to remember. But truth be told, it was the families’ spirit and their enthusiasm that guaranteed memories worth a lifetime for everyone who was lucky enough to be part of the celebration.  Twirling Moments’ first meeting with Khushali and her mother Sudha Golechha is worthy of mention because it was remarkable how the beautiful bride knew exactly what she wanted for her Sangeet! Almost down to the last step. Known to be fabulous dancers, the Golechha family needed someone who could match steps with them, meet their level of expectation and make it all happen just as they had envisioned it. The choreography had to be exceptional, extraordinary, experimental, and above all entertaining! We couldn’t asked for a more fulfillingchallenge.

Interestingly, the bride with that million-watt smile didn’t believe in using props at all. An amazing dancer herself, she wanted to keep it pure and focus on the dance steps as she sparkled on stage twirling in her opulent lehenga.

It was clear right from the start, that the musical soiree was going to be the highlight and the most important event at the wedding. Both families had numerous groups of friends and relatives performing. Credit for organizing it all goes entirely to the bride and her resolve for punctuality!

For her bridal twirl with Yash, Khushali wanted something completely unconventional. They chose a song from the 1990s—‘Mere mehboob mere sanam’ from the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Duplicate. It was an aww-inducing mix of fun and romance; a performance that defined their relationship to the T.


Apart from the couple’s first dance, the most exciting performance was by the mothers and their daughters on Manali trance which was a fusion of Kathak with Bollywood.

It was Khushali’s brothers who won the loudest applause that night, for their performance on Wakhra Swag. The Goleccha family really prides the brothers’ troupe for their dancing skill, and that night they certainly lived up to their reputation.

Khushali’s guy friends weren’t going to be left far behind, though. They channeled their inner Salman Khan and performed on ‘Garam chai ki pyaali’. Just to lighten it up and win some laughs, we repeated the words ‘mere liye khushali ho’ from the song three times. It definitely did the trick. This one was among the most fun dances of the night.



Groom’s Swag

The dapper groom Yash is the polar opposite of his bride. The chilled out, laidback groom wasn’t very confident about his dancing skills, but he knew how much their performance meant to Khushali and everyone in the family, and so he put in his best efforts to practice and co-ordinate his moves with his dancing queen.

Yash also performed with all the girls on ‘Woh ladki jo sabse alag hain’ from Baadshah and Khushali with all boys on ‘Tune maari entriyaan’. If Khushali’s family had pulled out all the stops, they’d met their match in the equally enthusiastic groom’s side.


Yash’s aunt along with the other ladies of the family performed on ‘Pinga’ complete with elaborate costumes! We actually got the lavani sarees made for this performance specially along with the props, lezims.




Loved Ones

If we were to define patience, we’d think of none other than Sudha Golechha, Khushali’s mother. The lady with the utmost grace, there is no problem for which she didn’t have a solution. Not only did she make sure we became practically a part of their family—from feeding us like their own children to handling all the co-ordinations—Sudha aunty also had a way for finding a solution to every confusion.

That the show was a grand success is testament to how hard both the families worked as well as their willingness to work hand-in-hand with Twirling Moments. We would start our rehearsals at 11 am and often end at midnight! Considering there were a total of 22 performances, each was more interesting with regards to the songs as well as the concepts than the other. It was truly a night to remember.



Moments Created – Twirling Moments
Venue of the Sangeet – The Ritz Carlton, Bali, Indonesia.
Moments Captured – Reels & Frames by Anand Raathi
Outfit of the bride – Shantanu Goenka
Make up artist – Pallavi Lascelles
Wedding planner – Tamarind Global






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