Quirky Couple – Aditi and Varun

Bride’s Twirl

It was during our very first meeting with Aditi Aggarwal that we realised how open and flexible she was to trying something new, quirky and fun. A fantastic dancer, the stunning bride not only nailed the performances in her heavily embellished lavender lehenga, but she also encouraged us to put on our whackiest, most creative hat on while choreographing the dances.The Aggarwal-Dattani wedding party hosted at the Dusit Thani lasted an incredible four days, and the Sangeet held on the second day took the spa resort town of Hua Hin by storm.

Smart, sexy, flexible and fun best describes Aditi, who put in a lot of effort to make her performances flawless. She left no stone unturned when it came to her rehearsal schedule and making sure that all her friends make it for practices on time. It is a Twirling Moments tradition to organise a dress rehearsal with the bride, all decked up in her Sangeet outfit. After all, we need to ensure the bridal twirls are picture-perfect even with the weight of bridal couture. As it turned out, we found that some of the steps had to be changed, but Aditi managed to make the adjustments quite calmly.

The beautiful bride performed on a ghungroo mix of ‘Samjhavan’, which we created especially for this act. She followed it up with a classic ‘Bole Chudiyan’, during which she was joined by her girl gang. Even though it was a destination wedding, we were able to use a lot of props to glamourise the performances at this Sangeet. We had mirrors, frames, boas, ribbon sticks, specially designed costumes and so much more.


Another highlight of the evening was when Aditi’s group of guy friends took to the stage goofing around on a mix of ‘Choli ke peeche’ and ‘Tunak tunak’. The boys entered wearing lehengas and dupattas on ‘Choli ke peeche’, eventually throwing them off before their second tongue-in-cheek act on ‘Tunak Tunak’. Aditi also convinced her friends from the US to perform on ‘Gore gore mukhde pe kala chashma’ without them really knowing what it meant. The entertainment quotient at this event was definitely at its max.

Groom’s Swag

Varun, who came across as rather quiet when we first time met him, wanted us to make sure of one thing: that the Sangeet would be a night to remember. Because of his calm and composed nature, Varun’s dancing skills took us by surprise. The adorable couple made quite an entry on the Sangeet stage. They kicked off a flashmob on ‘Cheerleader’ and ‘Abhi toh party shuru hui hain’.

An ardent Salman Khan fan, Varun chose the iconic Salman mashup for his main performance for the night with his boys, who donned jackets studded with LED lights. The medley started with ‘Ooh oh jaanejana’, ‘Jeene ke hainchaar din’ and ‘Photocopy during which we used an enlarged photograph of the bride. His impressive performance ended with the ‘Jumme ki raat hain’. Melodrama was riding high and it was at the very end that they switched on the lights, just before they began nearing the audience and got off the stage.


Loved Ones

The four-day party began with a welcome lunch on the first day. To kick-off the joyride, Varun’s parents and their friends planned a special surprise in the form of a flashmob on ‘My name is Lakhan’ and ‘Koi yahan nache nache’. Although the bride and groom got party started at the Sangeet with their own flashmob, the rest of the events got a jumpstart thanks to Varun’s parents and their friends. The Anil Kapoor number was a family favourite, and it became our theme for the series of surprise flashmobs across the events. At the pool party, they danced on ‘Lakhan’ and ‘Jumma chumma’ and for the wedding, they mixed it up with ‘Staying alive.’

These group dances were a definite win, but another highlight of the wedding was the second surprise Varun’s parents planned with their set of friends. It was a completely offbeat performance on the hilarious Lola Kutty spoof on Boney M’s ‘Rivers of Babylon’. They sportingly dressed in LED-studded lungis, a costume we designed specifically for the act.

It was Varun’s mother Beena Dattani, who coordinated all the rehearsals. Getting so many people and performers together for rehearsals on time in the middle of wedding preparations can be a daunting task but she managed it all with a lot of ease.


Date of the sangeet – 3rd January 2016

Venue of the Sangeet – Dusit Thani, Hua Hin, Thailand


Moments Created – Twirling Moments
Outfit of the bride – Manish Malhotra
Makeup artist for the sangeet – Simran Takkar
Videography&Photography –P.K Suri
Wedding Planner – Annika Talwa



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