High octane celebrations: Anushka Suri and Sanay Shah

Bride’s Twirl


That Mumbai girl Anushka Suri’s wedding would be one big rager was obvious to anyone who knows her well enough. Full of beans, “Suri”, as her friends call her, is a fantastic dancer and has the energy levels to match her passion—just the kind of bride we love to work with at Twirling Moments! Needless to say, we’d spend our time dancing in between rehearsals too.

The dancing queen made for a bubbly, chirpy bride. Completely hands-on, she co-ordinated all the rehearsals. In fact, she was a part of most of the dances herself. Her sense of humour and her eagerness to share laughswith her loved ones made her performance with 10 of her closest male friends a huge success. It was a medley of ‘Na jaane kaha se aayi hain’ and ‘Cutie pie’, both of which described her perfectly.

The one thing Anushka, always keyed up with a coffee cup in her hand, had warned us about while discussing the songs for the Sangeet was that she wanted to maintain an energetic vibe with fast-paced music. No slow, romantic numbers for this vivacious bride. We’d like to believe we met her brief well, for the party did indeed carry forward from the rehearsals to the Sangeet, which saw the couple’s family and friends let their hair down.

Groom’s Swag

Gujju groom Sanay Shah was definitely the calm to the storm that accompanies Punjabi kudi Anushka. Warm hearted, fun-loving and carefree, Anushka would get super hyper if people didn’t turn up for rehearsals or if the practices weren’t falling into place. Sharing her sense of humour, Sanay has a much more laidback demeanor and would knowexactly how to stay unruffled in such times. He was responsible for dissipating the stress during hectic rehearsals in the city of Mumbai.

If Anushka nailed some truly complicated choreography, her groom was just as open and excited to try unconventional songs as well as quirky acts. Sanay and Anushka together gave us some serious #couplegoals. Their main couple dance performance was on ‘All of me’, ‘Tu mera hero’ and a bhangra version of ‘Closer’ to add a little twist.

Another highlight from the performances of the night was a face-off between Sanay and his friends and Anushka and her girl gang. We added a twist for comic effect—Sanay and the boys donned the roles of Munni and Sheela and the bride and her friends showed off their swag in the Punjabi rap song ‘Wakhra swag’ and ‘Dil mein baji guitar’. The performance peaked with the boys getting off the stage with ‘Sheela ki jawaani’ roaring in the background. To everyone’s utter amusement, they finished their act by climbing onto the chairs in the audience.

Loved Ones

Anushka’s mom Kavita Suri was our one-point contact, handling everything expertly from the very first day. From managing dance rehearsals to taking care of guests to finishing all the preparations as per the deadline – it would not be wrong to say that Kavita was an angel in disguise. Being a teacher herself, she was always extremely supportive when it came to our approach to coaching the various groups of performers.

Song and dance was such a big part of the wedding that even the Mehendi event, just before the Sangeet, saw a continuous medley of non-stop dances. This women’s-only affair kicked off with an emotional performance by Kavita. Her set of friends and relatives also joined her, and the evening ended with Anushka’s solo on ‘Naina’ from Khoobsoorat.

Date of the Sangeet – 26th March 2016
Venue of the sangeet – Trident, Mumbai
Hashtag -#sangotsued


Moments Created – Twirling Moments
Bride’s outfit – Abu Sandeep
Makeup artist – Vipul Bhagat
Videography & Photography – P.K Suri
Wedding Planner – Natasha Katgara



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