Entertainment Unlimited – Akanksha Goenka & Rishabh Nemani

Bride’s Twirl

What can you expect from a bride who knows how to enjoy every moment to the fullest and cracks the funniest one-liners? Only the funnest, most entertaining Sangeet possible! The Ritz Carlton in Abu Dhabi was in for a royal ride of performances at Akanksha Goenka and Rishabh Nemani’s adrenaline-fuelled bash.

Akanksha was the bride who surprised us completely. We at Twirling Moments knew that she   wasn’t thrilled by the idea of choreographed dancing, but on the final day she performed like a star! Her positive energy and mesmerising smile added so much to her performance. It’s what made rehearsals with her and her family and friends such a delight too. Despite the wedding brouhaha and the fact that they had several groups performing, our dance practices were always stress-free.

This was the year 2015 and flashmobs were all the rage. On the day of the Sangeet, Akanksha and Rishabh’s enthusiastic group of friends climbed onto the tables while dancing to a medley of ‘I like to move it’ and ‘Nacho nacho’. This was the opening act and really set the tempo for the rest of the show. When Akanksha took to the stage with her set of close friends, she set it ablaze performing to a track the girls had grown up loving: Spice Girls’ ‘If you wanna be my lover’. We revved up the performance by mixing it up with that year’s big hit ‘Bano tera swagger’; a little bit of spice and a whole lot of swag.

Groom’s Swag

Akanksha, with her charismatic smile and witty sense of humour, found the perfect match in the carefree but hardworking groom. Even at the rehearsals, it was plain to see that Rishabh was head over heels in love with his bride. His proposal to her makes for one of the most romantic stories we know. He surprised her with a date on a yacht, decked with canvases and painting materials. While she sketched the landscape, he wrote the all-important question he needed to ask her.

He didn’t end his streak of surprises there. Romantic Rishabh had a bunch of ideas up his sleeve. For the Sangeet, we helped him plan one along with his bride’s girl gang. With the girls donning Akanksha’s face masks, they took to the stage and danced on ‘Lean on’, one of the bride’s favourite songs. If you were to ask her, she’d probably say this surprise performance was one of the most special and memorable ones of the night. Bringing the swagger up a notch, Rishabh also performed with his boys on ‘Meri pant bhi sexy’ + ‘I am sexy and I know it’. The sporting groom put on quite a show that night; it helped that he was willing to travel the distance from his home across the sea link to Juhu, so he could rehearse with Akanksha’s friends.

Loved Ones


A Sangeet full of surprises, mother of the bride Anjana Goenka had to have one up her sleeve as well! Handling all the rehearsal coordinations with the utmost patience, Anjana always had a smile on her face. An extremely graceful dancer, she was a joy to work with and an even bigger treat to watch on stage performing her short, but classic performance on ‘Pinga’.


Date of the Sangeet – 6th December 2015

Venue of the Sangeet – Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi


Moments Created – Twirling Moments
Outfit of the bride – Manish Malhotra
Makeup artist – Neeraj Navre
Videographers – Jodi Clickers



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