Drama in the desert – Niharika and Yash

Bride’s Twirl

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

~Pablo Picasso
Niharika Saraf, an interior decorator hugely popular on Instagram as Polka House, fits the latter variety of artists. She has a way of welcoming the sun and its radiance to the dullest places. Not only does she have a contagiously sunny disposition but a creative energy that makes her as intensely passionate about dance as she is about aesthetics. So it’s only natural then that she had big plans for the entertainment quotient during her wedding


The celebrations for her big day began at the Fairmont Ajman, which has a gorgeous view of the turquoise waters of the Gulf. This pre-wedding bash a month before the wedding was to be just a taste of the madness to come for the bindaas Bombay bride Niharika and her Raipuri groom Yash Kela’s big day! It was an Arabic-themed night and we chose fun Bollywood songs and performances that complemented the theme to the T. From Niharika’s thumkas to ‘Kajra Re’, with Yash and his brother Suyash egging her on onstage, and an Arabic mix of ‘Deedar de’ with her set of girlfriends toting tambourines, the bride was certainly the star of the night.

At the party in Ajman, the family pulled out all the stops, performing to songs like ‘Hawa hawai’, ‘Anarkali disco chali’, ‘Dancing queen’. It was as if they were celebrating womanhood!

Groom’s Swag

Niharika and Yash’s relationship is bound by a blend of laughs and quarrels and when they’re together, they’re like two kids in a park. Yash, a self-admittedly under-confident dancer, surprised us the most with his enthusiasm and diligence to learn his steps. A health food junkie, practice sessions with Yash always meant a generous supply of Keto pizzas. Sharp, intelligent and fun loving, his memory served him in good stead on stage and his warm and humble nature meant he could easily pull off the swag he wanted to dish out in his performances. The bridal couple’s dance on ‘Banja tu meri raani’ had the audience swooning over their performance. It was as if the song was made just for them.

Yash’s first performance at the pre-wedding bash was with his group of friends. We used interesting props to make the evergreen ‘Jumma chumma’ even more entertaining. The boys used LED mugs to create the vibe and Niharika made a special entry in the middle of the dance.

Loved Ones

At the Sarafgoesbananas wedding, only one other couple could match the bride and groom’s chemistry. Yash’s chachi and chacha Madhuri and Madhusudan Kela are the absolute epitome of love. The rocksolid couple offers a lot to look up to and makes you fall in love with them every time you see them together. Madhuriji wowed everyone in Ajman with her solo performance on ‘Afreen’ while Madhusudanji performed on ‘Mere Rashke qamar.’ He kicked off the performance with his rendition of the song, following it up with dance moves that were an expression of love and dedication to Niharika and Yash.


Date of the Sangeet – 19th January 2018

Venue of the Sangeet – Fairmont Ajman, UAE

Credits –

Moments Created – Twirling Moments
Photography and Videography – Wedding Nama
Outfit of the Bride – Shyamal and Bhumika
Make up Artist – Aditi

Hashtag – #sarafgoesbananas




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